Resurrection Ransomware Attack

– a press release

For Immediate Release – June 12, 2017

 Muncie, Ind. – A new ransomware attack is underway called “Resurrection Ransomware” that will appear as a .pdf attachment called “Shiva.exe.”

The .pdf icon looks like this:

Do not open or click on a link that appears like the above or is named like the above. If you do, or at any time you hear music (listen to media stream below) or see the screen message below, IMMEDIATELY TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER. Then notify your internal IT and contact Deltec Solutions support. Once a user opens this file (clicks on the icon) this file will begin to encrypt files on your local hard drive and may also encrypt mapped network drives.

A message like the one below is displayed and music plays.

Hi,this is not your lucky day because this is not a joke, all your files has been encrypted with Resurrection-Ransomware

If you want to retrieve all of your files I recommend you follow my simple instructions because you have no way out 
Send me 1.77 Bitcoin (3918 USD Dollars or 3500 Euros) to this address: 1B1encH1cncoBjH6K1JgLF1GqoY9dwpJ

If you do not know what bitcoins are or you do not know how to buy them, I suggest you visit the official site

After making the payment please contact me here you will receive the decryption key for your files.

You have 36 hours to make payment upon expiration of this expiration you will lose forever all your files and your pc will be formatted.

I suggest you not to underestimate this message and to follow my instructions carefully….. TIC TAC THE TIME FLOWING

Next Steps:

Make your employees and friends aware of this latest attack and remind them to always verify the sender of attachments and links in email. If you think you have a computer that has been infected, do the following:

  1. Immediately isolate the computer from your network by unplugging the cable and disabling wireless communication.
  2. Contact your internal IT Manager or call a professional to investigate and clean the machine.
  3. Do not delete any files.
  4. Do not attempt to “Clean” the virus with anti-virus software.

And remember to Communicate, Patch, and Backup.  See our press release from May 15, 2017 for details.

Ransomware: Next Steps



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