Ransomware Next Steps

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“Protect your organization and information from this attack – and do it today!.”

For Immediate Release – May 15, 2017

Muncie, Ind. – Deltec Solutions provided the following update as a public service announcement to the members of the Muncie and Marion Chambers of Commerce:

You may have seen or heard the news related to the latest (and largest yet) ransomware outbreak, called WannaCry 2.0. This is a very serious attack that leverages a zero-day exploit reportedly developed by the NSA. It is being dubbed a cyber weapon of mass destruction or cyber-security pandemic by some experts and the press. Over the weekend, the outbreak spread to over 150 countries, and affected more than 10,000 organizations worldwide, including Renault, Nissan, Telefonica, FedEx, and even several medical centers in the UK.

Protect your organization and information from this attack – and do it today!

Communicate | Patch | Backup

Instruct your users to NEVER OPEN ANY EMAIL ATTACHMENTS OR CLICK ANY LINKS in messages without first personally verifying their origin, even if they appear to be coming from someone you know.  Spoofing can cause the email message to look like it is from a reputable or friendly source.  Never blindly trust the apparent source unless you can verify it.  Consider sending something like the following message to your staff:

You may have seen or heard in the news this weekend that criminal hackers have released a new strain of ransomware that spreads itself automatically across all workstations in a network. If you or a co-worker accidentally open one of these phishing email attachments, you might infect not only your own workstation, but immediately everyone else’s computer too.  DO NOT OPEN LINKS UNLESS YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY SURE THAT IT IS A TRUSTED LINK FROM A TRUSTED SOURCE! 

Be very careful when you get an email with an attachment you did not ask for. If there is a .zip file in the attachment, do not click on it but delete the whole email. Remember: “When in doubt, throw it out!”

Verify that all latest patches and hot fixes are applied to all your systems.  A single vulnerable computer can infect the entire network. Microsoft released a patch for the particular vulnerability last week.

Verify that you have a complete, secure backup of all your critical business information on your servers, and the backup is securely stored in an encrypted, off-site storage environment.

Already have an infected computer?
If you think you have a computer that has been infected, do the following:

  1. Immediately isolate the computer from your network by unplugging the cable and disabling wireless communication.
  2. Contact your internal IT Manager or call a professional to investigate and clean the machine.
  3. Do not delete any files.
  4. Do not attempt to “Clean” the virus with anti-virus software.

After the dust has settled today, consider the following tomorrow:

Update your Cyber Security Strategy

  1. The best defense against cyber-attacks is a combination of advanced security technology that is multi-layered, managed, and proactive with a workforce that is informed, educated, and vigilant.
  2. Ensure that you have a system-wide anti-malware application running that is managed and monitored on all systems, and employs the latest techniques in vulnerability detection.
  3. How old is your firewall? You should have a network firewall that has the latest security features such as inspection of encrypted traffic, and advance capture of infected attachments.

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